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When Sylvester was invited to appear at the Stars party at the Embarcadero in May 1978 he was inspired to write the song "Stars" to celebrate the event. Stars was a huge disco extravaganza and set the standard for future parties in San Francisco. When you purchased your ticket for Stars you were given a can like the one in this picture. After using a can opener to get to your ticket you also found a poster a brochure and a T-Shirt, quite a package! If anyone has any memories of the Stars party we would LOVE to hear them, please write to us at info@remembertheparty.com

Here is the text from the can label:

Enriched STARS
Net Wt. 11OZ. 310 GMS.

The Creative Power Foundation
P.O.Box 14695
San Francisco, California 94114

DIRECTIONS: Open Can And Get Ready
STARS Begins at 10 P.M. May 27, 1978
Pier 19, The Embarcadero, San Francisco

INGREDIENTS: T-Shirt, Ticket, Poster, Brochure,
E=MC2 100% of the U.S. Recommended Daily
Allowances for an Unforgettable Evening.
A Fantastic Source of Energy, Fun and Excitement.


It was just one month before the Stars party when Sylvester and Patrick Cowley sat down and composed the song for the event. Here is one of the 15 copies that were made of the original lyrics in Sylvester's handwriting. These were made and given out to those involved in the song's production.

Here is a section of the very wide Stars poster that came rolled up inside the can. The rest of the poster is simply the names of those involved in its production.
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