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Sylvester and Jason after the 2nd gay games in San Francisco, Kezar Stadium August 1986. They were having fun taping all those athletes in action!

Sylvester's partner Rick in the kitchen with Jason opening the champers for a friend's wedding.

A hand tinted picture from the same photo session as these appeared on the back cover of The Pointer Sisters' fabulous debut album in 1973 (featuring "Yes We Can Can"). Here are four alternative poses, the girls are obviously having a good time with the whole 40s diva look! Jason tells us that the clothes the girls are wearing were from Sylvester's personal collection of retro garments and that Sylvester supervised the outfit choice for each sister. Sylvester began scouring San Francisco thrift stores for such items during his Cockettes years and never really lost the desire to collect such things.

A 1984 postcard from Sylvester's partner Rick to Jason. Looks like she was havin' a ball!
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