We were reminiscing about the wonderful times we shared at the Trocadero Transfer. There, on the dance floor, we would immerse ourselves in beautiful disco music mixed seamlessly and choreographed with gorgeous glittering colored light.

Thus the idea for Remember The Party was born. We wondered if enough like-minded people would like to gather together and enjoy a celebration of those magical nights at the Troc. Phone calls, emails, telegraphs and tribal drums were telling us that yes, there were people like us out there, people who were just waiting for such an event!

It was decided that there simply could be no other place than the former Trocadero Transfer, now known as the Glas Kat, for our party to take place. So it was that on the evening of Sunday April 18th 2004 at 6:00pm the doors opened on the first Remember The Party.

In true Trocadero tradition, we started the evening by smudging our space with Sage and Incense to clear the energy. The scent permeated the air as DJ Robbie Leslie played some opening music, a classical piece. Cornmeal was spread on the dance floor to create a gliding smooth surface.

As the house lights dimmed, the arc light was illuminated and the party began. From the first kick drum beat of Robbie's opening dance record the floor was filled. Smiling faces were bathed in the rich colored light of Miss Carla's arc lamp as it reflected from the mirror balls overhead. Bob Bear used light to act as percussion as it enhanced the flawless mixes of Robbie's music.

Hours passed by like minutes. Fan dancers and flag dancers created amazing fluttering flowing shapes to the music. Partygoers used tambourines, and finger symbols to enhance the rhythm as sumptuous orchestral strings and soulful vocals filled our eager ears. The crowd cheered as each song segued into the next, each one seeming like a wonderful familiar friend.

All too soon it was 2:30 and time for the last song. The crowd applauded, cheered and called for more. It was time to leave, go back to our respective lives. As the house lights came up hugs kisses and phone numbers were exchanged. Was this goodbye, or au revoir?

Yes, it did start out as a dream, but thanks to all of you who came to the first Remember The Party, the dream became a reality. The goodbyes did become "au revoirs". Remember The Party events are continuing!

White Light Productions' annual dance, Remember The Party, offers a unique opportunity to experience a night of incredible disco music ala Trocadero Transfer circa 1977 thru 1983. A night where the music is uplifting, the lyrics tell a story, and the lights are expertly choreographed by real people to match the rhythm and feel of the songs. Where rising strings or a soulful wail will start the hair on your head tingling, sending you rushing for the dance floor in a state of euphoria.

The Remember The Party producers are composed of a group of former Trocadero Transfer members and employees. Remember The Party events are held in the original Trocadero Transfer building, where the producers recreate the Troc atmosphere with a huge cluster of mirror balls and incredible lighting, installed specially for the night. Remember The Party DJs play only authentic Trocadero dance music from the late '70s and early '80s, mixed in the style of that period, taking the reveler on a musical trip building to hi-energy and finally cooling down to smooth glorious morning music. The lighting team knows every song and works the lights to reflect the atmosphere of each one creating an almost subliminal feeling of connectivity.

Remember The Party events are quite unique. They are a rare opportunity to celebrate and experience the authentic gay disco dance music scene during its pinnacle of beauty and creativity in the actual building known as the Trocadero Transfer. As Dick Collier, the owner of the Troc used to say, "Nothing like it, never will be!"

All Remember The Party events are fundraisers. A portion of the proceeds go to benefit Under One Roof in San Francisco.

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