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Dick Collier Jr., owner of the Trocadero helped put on some great events in and around San Francisco. This outrageous premiere for the movie Polyester was held at the Castro Theatre. Divine, wearing a skin tight, black and gold Lamé tiger striped dress and heels as high as herself, made her grand entrance riding side saddle on the back of a very racy motorcycle! Hard to believe as this may be, she was not just dropped off in front of the packed theater. In a cloud of exhaust fumes and a roaring engine she was transported by the hunky leather clad biker through the theater lobby and down the aisle, waving from the back of the motorcycle to the screaming crowd of eager fans awaiting her arrival!

Once Divine was delivered to the front of the stage she was helped off the bike and escorted up onto the stage in front of the screen, here she proceeded to taunt the amped up audience with a discussion of what Scratch and Sniff meant. The audience had been given Scratch and Sniff cards to use during special numbered parts of the movie and of course Divine was up for the task of explaining by use of show and tell on her anatomy how disgusting this evening and movie was going to be! After all, as in Pink Flamingos, Divine did get the title of being the filthiest person alive!

After the film was shown, everyone zoomed over to the Troc to continue the party with the hostess of the evening, Divine herself! What a night!

Shawn Benson, and Linda Imperial singing backup for Paul Parker at Drums during the performance of "Desire", Paul's 1984 hit from the UK. Shawn Benson went on to have a huge hit on TSR records with "Seclusion." Linda Imperial was part of Moby Dick's group Loverde as well as a solo performer.

Drums was a great disco across from Fifes in the Russian River town of Guerneville. With it's raised dance floor and modern interior that also sported a smooth sound system and tasteful light show that was run by the I Beam's lighting man Jimmy Hord. With fantastic DJ's such as Michael Garrett and Steve Fabus, Drums was a fun summer disco. At Drums you could sip cocktails during the day by the outdoor pool taking in the beauty of the area. Then after dark, you could dance in the heat of the club or wander outside by the pool and gaze at the stars over the redwood trees, enjoying those cool coastal nights at the Russian River.

This was given to the Lighting Bears, Chris and Bob by Sharon Redd after lighting her performance in San Francisco's Galleria in 1985. It is inscribed with "The Bears, I love you both, Sharon."

That night, Sharon came on stage with a huge, tall bouquet of brightly colored balloons that reached to the mezzanine floor above the stage. During her entrance we were sure that the balloons were going to lift her off the dance floor and through the open glass ceiling at the top of the fifth story!

During one of her autograph sessions at the Gramophone record store in S.F. she signed a picture to RTP's very enthusiastic Keefe, exclaiming "Honey, you do need to calm down!" Needless to say, Keefe was a huge Sharon Redd fan!

Long before Brokeback Mountain made the cowboy image sexy we had this ad for The Stables on Folsom. Spaghetti Dinner? Shouldn't it have been Barbecued Ribs?

Here's another ad from The Voice magazine of 1981-2, an amusing and poignant sign of the times, not that we would know about such things!

Disco superstar Sylvester in sequins and furs signing an autograph at the Troc.

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