During the late '70s and early '80s the Trocadero Transfer hosted many events for the leather community. On any given night Levi and leather clad men had a strong presence there. Recently, Stanley Walker who was the manager of the Trocadero Transfer during the late '70s and early '80s contacted us. We were thrilled to discover that Stan had a box of wonderful slides of the Troc from this time period. Stan was eager to share these long lost images with everyone, so here they are in all their fresh and colorful glory. Thanks, Stan for your generosity and for keeping the Troc ship afloat for as long as you did.

  drummer-001 drummer-002 drummer-003 drummer-004 drummer-005  
  drummer-006 drummer-007 drummer-008 drummer-009 drummer-010  
  drummer-011 drummer-012 drummer-013 drummer-014 drummer-015  
  drummer-016 drummer-017 drummer-018 drummer-019 drummer-020  
  drummer-021 drummer-022 drummer-023 drummer-024 drummer-025  
  drummer-026 drummer-027 drummer-028 drummer-029 drummer-030  
  drummer-031 drummer-032 drummer-033 drummer-034 drummer-035  
  drummer-036 drummer-037 drummer-038 drummer-039 drummer-040  
  drummer-041 drummer-042 drummer-043 drummer-044 drummer-045  
  drummer-046 drummer-047 drummer-048 drummer-049 drummer-050  
  drummer-051 drummer-052 drummer-053 drummer-054 drummer-055  

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