So we headed for the City Nights
Dancing where the grooves were right (all night)
Went to a place we know
Where all the people go
It was one of them nights
one of them nights you felt like gettin' down!

WOW! We confess, we weren't sure how our loyal Trocadero followers would feel about us having to take Remember The Party to a different venue but we were thrilled to see everyone show up at City Nights (formerly Dreamland), looking fabulous and in the mood to party!

With our precious Trocadero mirror balls installed in the old Dreamland space and our Troc lighting crew sending out rays of color to dance around the room, we were ready too!

DJ Jerry Bonham werked the crowd with no less than

and a generous helping of
T R U E   S A N   F R A N C I S C O   D I S C O !

And when he wasn't playing artists connected to SF he was still makin' us Dance, Shout, and shake our bodies down to the ground!

Jerry's wonderful playlist is now up for all to peruse, take a look and revisit each Disco Gem!

Wait, there's more! All the pictures are up too! We had many photographers capturing the night and here is a gallery of incredible imagery for your browsing pleasure!

Thanks again to all who joined us for Remember The Party Mighty Real Disco. Together we created a night to remember and savor.

Mighty Real Love, Peace and DISCO!
The Gang at Remember The Party

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© Copyright 2011 White Light Productions