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San Francisco gay Pride 1978-9. Was this a float for a San Jose bath house? Loving the leather jacketed hunk.

San Francisco Gay pride 1978-9. A man with a video camera shoots from inside a large boot on the Boot Rack float. Look at the leather man! (as I fan my face and sip my cocktail)

This picture is taken outside 4068 18th St. in the late '70s. The restaurant is now called Brandy Ho's, at that time it was called Miao, thanks to Galen for pointing this out to us! And what about those lovely creatures posing in front? The red chiffon scarf is such a tasteful touch!

Well we know where this is (The Castro) but we don't know who or when it is. If anyone can help please write to info@remembertheparty.com and be sure and make your subject heading "Trocadero".

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