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The shields say "The Order Of The Imperial Flame" and their slogan is "The Will To Achieve Unity". Anyone remember this movement?
The handsome young man in the center looks like he inspired the look for Michael Tolliver.

OK, this picture was taken at Studio One in L.A. but it does show our very own Fab Sylvester. Behind him is a poster advertising a party at the Rawhide on Burbank Blvd featuring the Skatt Brothers! That musta been quite a night!

Here the charismatic Christopher is modeling a T-Shirt promoting Harvey Milk for Supervisor. Harvey Milk achieved that position in 1977 after previously running in '73 and '75. We think this shirt dates from '77

Hot Flash Of America was an avante garde gift store on Market St. In Hot Flash you could have your hair cut, buy expensive chocolates and browse some of the coolest off the wall gifts and chachkas to decorate your new San Francisco pad. This store was THE place to see and be seen in. Everyone was surprised when the store closed its doors in 1979.

This 1977 shirt invites us to squeeze a fruit for Anita! In that same year Anita Bryant had a fruit pie thrown in her face at a press conference. That night people held pie parties all over San Francisco! I knew there was some reason for me loving pie so much!
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