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"Let's go as Charlie's Angels!"
"OK, but I wanna be Farrah" ,
Well you can't, sister coz I've got the lip gloss!"
"Yeah, but I've got the wig!"
With that wig, honey, you should be goin' as Phyllis Diller!"

Looks like they settled it in the end.

I, Yi, Yi, Yi, Yi, I Like You Very Much

The breast placement on this outfit is just too good. Hitch 'em up, Mary!

Long before Priscilla and the giant shoe on the bus, we had this delectable filly on a Camaro showing off her fantastic green platforms.

This Mercury Colony Park station wagon is decorated with purple and white ribbons and has "Grand Duchess" on the banner. The duchess herself is regally seated on the roof flanked by two gladiators. Anyone know who this Grand Duchess might be?
Check out the proto bear in the tight white satin shorts!
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