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The following 16 pictures are from the 1976 Gay Freedom Day Parade in San Francisco. The pictures were taken by Stephen Patrick.

A rare picture of the Fabulous Sylvester in drag wearing fake breasts. Hmm, could they be the trophies that the background sign is referring to?

The wig's a little crooked but by the time she's finished smoking that doobie she won't care! High heels: check. High hair: check. High drag queen: CHECK!

Ya gotta love those boobs! Purrrfect.

Here's the float for the Mind Shaft, later to become Alfie's on Market nr Church. The gazebo is a replica of the one that was part of the dance floor at the club. Songs to dance to in 1976 included:
KC & the Sunshine Band -- That's The Way I Like It
Hot Chocolate -- You Sexy Thing
Andrea True Connection -- More, More, More
Diana Ross -- Love Hangover
Spinners -- The Rubberband Man
Bee Gees -- You Should Be Dancing

Casa De Cristal was a very popular Mexican restaurant on Polk St. Looks like the "boys on the hood" are going for a little hot sauce of their own!
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